'Illusion Of Choice' to be released in 2022

Eight original songs written by Dave Pope & Paul Hamilton, recorded, mixed and engineered by Sam Johnson at Rhythm Ace Studios, Ōakura, Taranaki. Produced by Dave Pope & Sam Johnson.

1. Love Crawls In
(The only good thing about you now is goodbye)

2. Think Of A Number
(Kick your dream into the sea, for someone else to find)

3. Marwar Junction
(Blind drunk behind the shades, cancel the morning after)

4. Best Friend's Best Friend
(Dail P for Psychotic, dial K for Knife)

5. Soft Shoes
(Although we were dissimilar, you were strangely familiar)

6. I.C.U.
(Wouldn't you love to love to have some hole you can hide in?)

7. Paint Me Out
(It's safe for you to assume... I've painted you out too)

8. Just About Managing
(For the choice of illusions, and illusion of choice)

Pre-release link for the new single 'Think of a Number'


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