International experience.
Local understanding.

Having worked with some of the world’s most high profile brands; managing the creative process, directing project management process, and following through with account management liaison, I have the right set of skills to bring to any table.

I enjoy researching various aspects of the design process - what works and what doesn’t. I relish collaborating with other professionals, in the hope that I can offer something to their skillsets, as well as them adding to mine.

My extensive international experience (UK, USA, NZ) with various agencies and brands means that I hit the ground running. Working within regulated brand guidelines is the springboard for creative thinking - keeping on target is a must - being prepared to develop new areas for the brand to be pushed is key to the ever changing way that consumers are looking for information.

Traditional and new media are required in varying degrees to get the message across. As a team leader, motivator, and creative thinker who is eager to learn new communications skills to make that new project work.
Building brands that start conversations, create awareness, and turn that into positive outcomes – you know your business better than I do – I know mine better than you do – let’s work together to create something great.
Graphic Design
A decades-long international career has given Dave Pope a wide understanding of all things design – concepts, art direction, typography, layout, call-to-action, print production, and digital processes.
Individually designed to engage with users - if you have a story to tell, This Little Badge will bring it to life. Responsive, mobile-friendly, without the use of tired, slow and out-dated templates.
Videography – film editing – corporate video production. Graphics animation – for film, online and presentations. Photography – image retouching.
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