This Little Badge – gigging in a town near YOU (provided you live in New Zealand).

Dave Pope (Lead vox/guitars) / Dave Ritchie Smith (Backing vox/bass/guitars) / Adam Colless (Drums).

Q: Are they hipsters?
A: When the occasion arises, we can be quipsters, tipsters, spicy dipsters, checkers-of-sundry-video-clipsters. But musically, we are definitely and always cut-the-crap-and-get-a-gripsters.


Dave Pope and Paul Hamilton were in a band called Horrible Head. 

Next, they were in a band called Yellowjack. There, they wrote a song called ‘Next’. 

Next, Pope moved to New Zealand. Pope performed ‘Next’ in his next band, Monkey Grip. 

The next thing we knew, Pope had changed the band’s name to This Little Badge. 

Confused? You ain’t heard nothing yet. 

There isn’t a song called ‘Nothing Yet’, yet.


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65 Carthew Street, Okato, Taranaki
027 301 8383

Marwar Junction

Single release 12/01/21

With its mix of thought-provoking lyrics, musical twists, and catchy melodies, the song combines loosely woven memories and internal conversations of the importance of keeping in contact with friends - a very personal experience to which we can all relate.

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